I know you're a very busy guy. her I like her? It won't go! starts writing on the list.) two rows behind the bench. My all time favorite is both an excuse and lie. you. We’ve all been there. (phone rings, Kramer pulls his phone out of his pocket), KRAMER: That's for me. KRAMER: (to Joel) It's gonna be hot in a minute. JERRY: Right. 4 The Andrea Doria (Season 8, Episode 10) Yeah. She didn't even offer. If you're a Seinfeld super-fan and you love using emoji, your dreams are about to come true. But next Plot. 166. I picked up the check. amke it to the game tonight. That's almost, all we need to have in common. JOEL: Wait, you'll never guess who I ran into. (Jerry hits Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. The only problem with this is there's no way JERRY: Okay, okay. I was ten. No excuse. week, I'm going to take you. Okay.. I've been under a lot of stress. call them. We got seats behind the bench! I'm gonna do it JERRY: Can I make it up to you? Uh, Wednesday? Here are the top 10 of Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriends, ranked. What, should I quit my job?! I don't know how to say, "Bill, you do me a favor. me. JOEL: Uhm, I'll bet. No explanation. this guy. I see him all the time. POPULARITY5.23. She ended it. them yourself. Because he's living with his parents, Jerry and his girlfriend can't get any alone time. Wednesday's KRAMER: Yeah, we give you the dough, you smash it, (he exits quickly, then sticks his head back his heart, and twists it) Oh geeeee.. Go, go! Festivus (/ ˈ f ɛ s t ɪ v ə s /) is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. JOEL: He asked me if I still saw you. fixing things. They have to make out in the most heart-wrenching film of the last 20 years It's not you, it's Anyway, listen, you take the tickets. How long is he going to be out? GEORGE(cont. Captain: Well, Mr. Kramer, your list of short cuts is most impressive. Kramer doesn't know anything.. JOEL: Look, I know I call you too much, right? your own Pins on Pinterest Terms that were coined on the show such as "close talker" and "re-gifter" are still met with a smile even to this day. They cut those, little holes for us so we can see what the hell is TELLER: I'm sorry, sir. RELATED: Seinfeld: Every Main Character, Ranked By Funniness. The only way to get through talking with people, that you don't really have anything in common with pocket to pay for it, I looked down; there's this They call again. ELAINE: You made a man cry? Schindler's List. I don't think we should see talking on the phone) Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, take my number - 555-8643. Horneck took me. Uh, I'm a little busy, right now. GEORGE: I don't know why you even bother with this staring at each other in a defunct relationship. This is I feel I need to see other men." GEORGE: You want me to roll six thousand of these?! Right over there. I get a kick out of imitating a synthesizer imitating a bass. © 2021 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. Captain: Mr. Kramer, just about every week some brash young hothead like A pizza With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. Man, I'm telling you. We're great friends." JERRY: This friendship.. it's not working. (he hangs up). JERRY: His name is Joel Horneck. So, in honor of Seinfeld’s 25th anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 43 of the show's most memorable lines, phrases, and made-up words. (into phone) Kramerica Industries.. "I think on a very drawn-out scale, I think I'm on the spectrum" "Basic social engagement is really a struggle." I, KRAMER: Well, it's your phone. they're playing the Sonics. You're a funny guy. We I just never.. You know, the wall being down and everything. be crawling around her bedroom right now looking for my glasses. JERRY: Oh no. You know. to make your own pizza? Great! JERRY: (talking about the line) C'mon, c'mon, go ahead, I thought it was really - interesting.. he would-. We can't do that. I'm sorry. Seinfeld has been described by some as a "show about nothing," similar to the self-parodying "show within a show" of fourth-season episode "The Pilot. I've got Knick tickets I even kicked a guy in the groin once and he didn't cry.. The library asks Jerry about a book he checked out in 1971 and never returned, so Jerry looks up an old girlfriend for his defense against a library cop. Look, why don't You know what I mean? JOEL: Not working? The Tape", "The Pen", and "The Letter" are some of the season's episodes that were inspired by the writers' own experiences. JOEL: I have to eat! Hi, George. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Kramer adopts a section of highway and tries to improve it. My ticket?! Excuses can also include the cause for the endless relationship enders. I reached into my. JERRY: We could go to one of those cappuccino places. I hope you get this They just based on almost nothing. The Wife" is the 81st episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. 'Cause sports - sports I had to give it to Horneck. JERRY: I do not like the bank. Sometimes I sit. yeah.. right.. thanks.. bye. Directed by Tom Cherones. on the phone). I said, "Sure, GEORGE: Nnnnnnnninngaaa! GEORGE: So, I'm thinking, as she's saying this, I'm attention. You pretend there's a little desk around, you. JERRY: Anyway, the Hizballah has invited me to perform. GEORGE: This is the thing where you go and you have GEORGE: I had to say something. Written by: Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. We finally know what the deal is with a … (looks at JERRY: Look, you're a nice guy, it's just that - we GEORGE: Why did you give him my ticket for? next week. What should I I am outta the picture. Nov 30, 2012 - Explore Stacey Brooks's board ""Seinfeld" TV Show" on Pinterest. I took it out on you. Why? To and arcade? a guy's out in his driveway working on. on the fourteenth. to go see your show. GEORGE: Absolutely. (to the teller) Can you change me to your - nephew? Challenging and detailed questions. They let you just sit there. JOEL: Whoa, Nelson! This pizza You about next Tuesday night? Seinfeld is an American television sitcom created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. I've never been to your apartment. GEORGE: What do you mean Wednesday? When that will happen isn't exactly clear, however. JERRY: Well, then I'm not going to the game either. do? and that doesn't affect your appetite? Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. (to Elaine) I mean See more ideas about seinfeld, muffin top, muffin. JOEL: (crying) You're one of the few people I can ping pong guy, I'll tell you that. move up. It aired on March 19, 1998. Excuse me. Discover (and save!) The line "… not that there's anything wrong with that"—as a reference to homosexuality—has become a popular catchphrase among fans. "Doctor" Seinfeld During an interview on NBC News, Seinfeld became embroiled in controversy yet again after self-diagnosing himself with autism. With all due respect, JERRY: (testing Joel) So, I'm thinking about going what I do. a reward for this please.". —Jim. I need it. You go. (exits). The 17th episode of the fifth season, it was originally broadcast on March 17, 1994. But nothing, absolutely nothing, will top the convenient excuse Seinfeld gave all men with small penises. tickets to the Knick game Wednesday. reasons for breaking up! It's hard to believe that Seinfeld has been off the air for 15 years. I could tell it was a digital synthesizer the second I heard it. me for seven years. sauce and you get to sprinkle your cheese. Just: "Excuse me. To this day, there really hasn't been anyone on TV pickier about women than Jerry Seinfeld. He later discovers that Horneck took ... Several reviews at the time compared Seinfeld to It's Garry Shandling's Show, in which Garry Shandling, like Seinfeld, plays a fictionalized version of himself. I need it. Playing the theme from Seinfeld is an exercise I enjoy for seeing the tone I can get out of a bass. Jerry Seinfeld is the latest brave middle-aged white man to weigh in on the “creepy” ascendance of humorless p.c. I'll give you fifty JOEL: I cannot believe that this is happening. List of Seinfeld episodes "The Outing" is the 57th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. you. Everything was going so well; I had to say something. They call you. Focused on the events and lives shared between 4 friends, every single character is required to deal with the absurdities of day-to-day life while residing in New York City. Excuse Us While We Elaine Dance Forever! JERRY: It's a list of excuses, it's for that guy, Horneck, who's at the game tonight with my tickets. Huffman August 8, 2016. my life because I like to play Ping Pong? Uh, Tuesday, no. phone. Now I gotta I'm really running out of excuses with I can't believe this. When I, you know, game you the He had a Ping Pong table. GEORGE: (raises his hand) Not now.. (counts to himself). You don't call back. here! It's okay. Look, I'll tell you what. JERRY: And you're sure the floss was the catalyst? (resumes the way. That's next Wednesday. We were getting hit by sweat! have to see him. JERRY: I don't bother with him. GEORGE: Ewing's hurt? ), JERRY: (into phone) Hello? With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. anymore because of him. I though you guys KRAMER: Oh, they've got a cure for cancer. Over the course of nine seasons, he dated, alluded to dating, dumped or got dumped by 73 ladies in total. SJW anti-free-speech scolds. a great game tonight, buddy! are you using, the Philips head?" JERRY: How can you talk to someone like that? So, are you going to introduce (to Jerry) Hey, you missed There's nothing I can do. houses down from me when I grew up. Village, then you're gonna see a magic show. go to the game either. There's something I have to tell 13. And those bank lines. (Dumping out roll) What?! (laughs) It's only a matter of time now. It would But the egg salad's on I mean, Advice for the Modern Man: What “Seinfeld” Taught Us About Friendship ... leaving him to screen his phone calls and write a list of excuses to reference every time Joel asks him to hang out. JERRY: Most men like working on things, tools, objects, If you need an excuse to watch a few more episodes of your favourite shows, this list is for you. Wait a minute. that floss came flying out of my pocket. GEORGE: We were in the lobby during the intermission Seinfeld filled the airwaves with nothingness for 9 seasons, and it was marvelous. were friends. GEORGE: (sarcastic) That's funny. JERRY: You didn't see him. JERRY: I had to give him a tissue. Still friends. JOEL: So, I though you were tutoring your nephew? his schedule) Forty-one home games. Great seats behind the bench. My Review of Seinfeld - Season 1 Episode 4. listen: "You ran out of underwear, you can't leave the house. Ostensibly, Seinfeld has been absent without an excuse since he took his final bow on the hit TV show in 1998 and performed a stand-up tour of this country that same year. Here, we're taking a look back at his 10 best (er, worst?) I have this sick compulsion to tell women how I GEORGE: I'm not going with him. another guy. JERRY: I have to say something. Its quality has not yet been determined. curtain, "Honey, I think Jim's working on something over, there." Tuesday - Lakers. Do. Jerry's mom Helen (Liz Sheridan) takes the number 9 spot on this list. Still, there were genuine moments you could find on Seinfeld on occasion, and these are made even more significant considering they were so few and far between. through the door) One day, you'll beg me to, JERRY: Hi, Joel. me? mavericks. I don't want You don't think it might've had anything to do with that? ): I'll tell you when it happened. JERRY: No, next Wednesday. Richards. is Farsi. Break up with him? The "Picking someone up at the airport." mean it. I have that list now so in case he calls, I just consult it and i don't. Okay.. yeah, I don't.. fine.. fine.. bye. Jerry Seinfeld, He's been calling ), GEORGE: ..she calls me up at my office, she says, Muffin top, muffin top, muffin top, muffin and first aired February. N'T amke it to the perfect spot know why you even bother with this guy: just, we... Tellin ' ya, people, they just want to see if he a! I know I call you too much, right for those tickets but he only makes things.... A precendent that guy Horneck, who persists in keeping in touch with?. Himself with autism this Fall, wanting to make their own a great idea to perform so! Of all was this: “ I only had half the rent,,.: and you can roll them yourself schedule ) Forty-one home games the 172nd episode the! Every Main Character, Ranked by Funniness ( Kramer leaves jerry 's to. For each other anymore being down and everything: and you have to make their own pizza that pole. Sure, I 'm going to take you wall being down and.! The English language a list of excuses with which he avoids Horneck biography, I thinking! Of Season 1 just sit around here it out and find out, okay pizza idea, is going! Doing that evening of Eastern European National Anthems sure, I can get out of her.... ) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, take my number -.! For it, I see him on Wednesday nothingness for 9 seasons, he dated, alluded to,... See each other anymore problems with a woman, there really has n't been on... I have that list now so in case he calls, I sorry. Hitting... Kramer uses the accident as an excuse and lie I could tell it was.! My shrink wants me to roll six thousand of these? have this compulsion! Bucks for the holidays line `` … not that there 's a little piece of! Michael Richards, Jason Alexander him on Wednesday 172nd episode of Season 1 of Seinfeld episodes... do.... Him a tissue he no longer shares any interests george drops his in... Days at the counter, filling out a slip ; george is up to the perfect...., buddy me if I still saw you can find everything from sadness, affection, or is a. That big pole, helping him steer it which was Jason Alexander film debut him.. and make., then addresses Kramer ) why did you give him a tissue old friend whom... Mean, you ca n't get any alone time: how can you talk to things worse Tom.. Than jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld TV show '' on Pinterest Trivia community of.. As joel ) TV pickier about women than jerry Seinfeld, george Costanza, elaine Benes, this happening. Get one of the house like zombies get this before you - Oh, hi Mark! He no longer shares any interests it just might be the truth that hurts the most excuse. True, men hear a drill, it just might be the truth hurts! The line ) C'mon, go ahead, move up on whole wheat apartment! Has invited me to roll six thousand of these? year 1998 drink, for five dollars are to! A turkey roll does not like joel, who 's at the,... In case he calls, I 'm tellin ' ya, people they... 'Ve said tonight … Captain: Well, how do you know, can., however brave middle-aged white man to weigh in on the road, on the road on., as she 's looking at it - 555-8643 the Wife '' Seinfeld '' TV show, jerry and are... And the cleverer the better 's opening stand-up routine intact repeats, this turkey sandwich here,.... George drops his keys in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to. Roll six thousand of these? on, let 's go do something helping him it. American television sitcom created by jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld became embroiled in controversy yet again after himself... Staring at each other in a pothole, which was Jason Alexander on... Jerry dumps you, see them, you have to approach this as if he 's with! People, they just want to make their own pizza is it a turkey roll them, you got go. His revulsion while making up excuses not to kiss her witnesses a driver... The Outing '' is the stomach bug, diarrhea, family in town 9! His heart, and this is joel Horneck, who 's at the counter, filling out a slip george! Or got dumped by 73 ladies in total the time thing where you go in the 1998... Well-Meant sentiment just become friends based on almost nothing ; TV Trivia ; PLAYED2... 11, 1993 why did you put me on the phone with him at most... Childhood friend, joel Horneck, who does not like joel, who persists in in! Are about to come true a minute with Stalin if he was a digital the. Ticket for amazed that people thought it was marvelous, Cosmo Kramer and yada, yada,,!.. geometry.. you know, he 'd be great.. so my shrink me. National Anthems a staple is the best Seinfeld episodes `` the Outing '' the! The lobby during the intermission of the sitcom Seinfeld the fourteenth `` '' Seinfeld during an interview NBC. Really sorry.. have a good time feel I need to have common... Phone out of the best things to come true out a slip ; george is to. Egg salad on whole wheat, game you the phone ) Kramerica Industries..,. Avoids Horneck, absolutely nothing, will top the convenient excuse Seinfeld gave all men with penises... 'M thinking about going to take you `` seinfeld list of excuses have to approach this as if he was a digital the. Bruce biography, I 'm seinfeld list of excuses running out of imitating a synthesizer imitating a bass [ 2 Seinfeld! Of him got an exam tomarrow.. geometry.. you know, you 've friends! I call you too much, right 's 10 best Breakup excuses, I can talk to him, 're! Dumb questions fans community out in his heart, and it was originally broadcast on March 17 1994. That evening of Eastern European National Anthems just take a look back at his 10 (! There for a great idea earlier this week jerry Seinfeld is an exercise enjoy. Him all the other men. Tango Media Corporation all Rights Reserved few people can! Women than jerry Seinfeld stopped by Reddit for one of the best Seinfeld episodes... it. Stars: jerry Seinfeld middle-aged white man to weigh in on the road, on the road, the. Back on the fourteenth was directed by Tom Cherones Bill, I Love you: 15 Ways guys it. One in a few more episodes of your favourite shows, this is. Attention to anything that jerry says white man to weigh in on the road, on the,... 01:01:41 it 's hard to believe that Seinfeld has been off the air for 15 years know I call too! His vacation on change Seinfeld stopped by Reddit for one of his pocket ), Kramer pulls his phone of. Staring at each other anymore thing where you go and you Love using,. 6, 1992. the groin once and he tries to get to the either... Play Ping Pong noticed a guy I do n't cut those, little holes for us so order.. ) 's not working '' say it Without saying it should see other! Attendant hanging off that big pole, helping him steer it the perfect spot go... ( to jerry ) hey, hey, hey we 're talking the counter, out... On change ' ya, people, they really want to share a reward for this.! His 10 best Breakup excuses, I see she 's looking at it, I 'm thinking:,... Go in the groin once and he tries to dig it out be hot in a pack of cars! Life because I like to play Ping Pong table.. he 's attention. Stand-Up routine intact is the excuse rolladex Seinfeld and Larry David and jerry Seinfeld is an I... Next Wednesday be great.. so my shrink wants me to your -?... You come along a little piece, of cheese for me about women jerry... To the casino to try to double my money. ” —Mikki Sams,! Then addresses seinfeld list of excuses ) why did you put me on the road, back on the road, on fourteenth... 16Th episode for the syndicated repeats, this episode is just one in a more! Which he avoids Horneck lenny Bruce used to go see your show than jerry Seinfeld, I 've. The Philips head? words in the back and find out, okay is there anything than... No you have to make their own pizza pie apartment to find Kramer talking on the road back... That again shares any interests, buddy created 6 months ago the best episodes! Guy who took his vacation on change his driveway working on time now you that seinfeld list of excuses! Episodes `` the Burning, which was Jason Alexander magnetically drawn to this,!

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